Deep Tissue Massage Therapy incorporates pressure to move through fascia, a web of connective tissue in the body, to get into muscular structures that are sometimes bound by scar tissue. There could be some discomfort, but not pain. The client should always be able to talk, breathe, feel safe through the treatment, and ultimately reach relaxation and restoration. 



What to expect during your first session:

  • Fill out a health history form (if not done at booking).

  • Have a brief discussion about present issues or injuries that are causing pain.

  • Undress in privacy to your level of comfort and climb underneath the covers on the massage table. Most of the time you will start face down with your face in the cradle.

  • During the treatment you can talk or be quiet. Feel free to ask questions, but give yourself the permission to let the hour be your time to relax in your body.

  • Speak up if there is too much or not enough pressure.

  • The session will last for 60-90 minutes.

  • When you’re alone in the room again, take your time getting off the table. Sometimes people can feel a little disoriented or lightheaded.

  • Open the door when you are dressed and ready.

  • Have a short discussion about self-care and how to stay present with where your body is in space throughout your daily life.

  • Be curious and ask questions!

  • Settle up payment and make future appointments.


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